New Star Invitational 2011 poster
17 11

(Русский) Соревнования года

22 03

Official video report Quiksilver New Star invitational

Quiksilver New Star Invitational from Quiksilver Russia on Vimeo.

15 03


The epic fight of European and Russian riders, snowmobile show, live concert DÚNÉ and more than 8 000 peoples.

The main snow event of russian snowboarding of this year – the International snowboard-festival Quiksilver NEW STAR Invitational has taken placen on 12th March on the basic slope of a mounting skiing resort “Igora” (St.-Petersburg). 25 sportsmen from Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia have taken part In festival. As a result of fight first place takes Swedish rider – Felix Mobarg who has executed a line cab9-bs9-cab180-bs360. On the second place defined Teo Kontinnen (Finland) who has made in the best line fs10-bs540-fs360-540. Third place takes Sergey Lapushkin- it was great present for Russian fans.

The prize money:

1 place 4000$
2 place 2500$
3 place 1800$
4 place 1000$
5 place 700$

On Quiksilver New Star invitational taken place unique show on snowmobiles – Red Bull Snowmobile Show, with double gold medallist X Games – Daniel Bodin at the head! Daniel has made backflip and made people crazy.

After competition taken place Dune concert with unique sound and amazing performances!

13 03

New Star Inside Blog: третье место у Сергея Лапушкина!

Since the morning of 12 th March, on Igora there were a lot of people.

From Russian riders best looked Sergey Lapushkin and Jura Gavrilov, however in final there was only SergeyLapushkin which has occupied 10th place in qualification.

Riders showed the most complicated tricks – cab 9, bs 10, rodeo in all variations, back flips and front flips. Sergey Lapushkin looked very confidently against many European riders. The crowd simply roared, when Sergey, one of Russian riders passed qualification, next trick did successful. After calculations of points Lapushkin taken third place!

Shows from Daniel Bodin and MegaFone motorsport team have continued day. Concert of Dune have finished snow holiday! Many visitors of action went for 50 kilometers from St.-Petersburg specially to look and listen Dune alive!

12 03

New Star Inside Blog: прямая трансляция в твоем мобильном!

Сегодня на Игоре просто отличная погода! Светит солнце, ветра почти нет. Райдеры уже готовы к раскатке, которая начнется в 12 часов.

Компания Мегафон организует прямую трансляцию New Star Invitational, так что каждый желающий сможет посмотреть мероприятие в прямом эфире со своего телефона, если он поддерживает воспроизведение потокового видео.

Как смотреть трансляцию:

Для подключения услуги набери *506# <трубка>. Стоимость услуги 8 рублей в день (включая НДС). Интернет-трафик входит в стоимость. Телефон должен поддерживать воспроизведение потокового видео. Подробности по номеру 0599.

Название канала трансляции – New Star Invitational