New Star Invitational 2011 poster
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Schedule Quiksilver New Star

12.00 – start work of interactive platforms

14.00 – festival opening

14.15 – beginning of competitions (qualification)

15.30 – MegaFon sport car show

15.45 – semi-final

16.30 – snowmobile show from Red Bull

16.45 – final

17.20 – snowmobile show from Red Bull

17.40 – price given

18.00 – Dune concert

19.00 – after party from DJ Flammable Beats

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Interview with Mihail Il’in

Quiksilver New Star invitational will take place already soon, so we have interviewed with Mihail Ilyin- rider from St.Petersburg. He prepares double cork and other tricks for competitions. On photo visible that Misha has obviously grown from park airs)

- Let’s get acquainted with you, what’s your name, how old are you and since when have you been snowboarding, what are your achievements in that?
My name is Il’in Mihail, but friends call me Medved. I am 19 years, from them stand on a snowboard  about 7-8 year. In this time I have some good results- i win several contest and became the master of sports.)

-What gives you the most adrenaline?
When I stand on dispersal of a huge big air, drop or before a difficult trick)

- Snowboard is on the first place in your life, what is on the second one?
I wouldn’t tell that a snowboard on the first place for me, I just like to ride… I receive from it pleasure.

- If a person never tried a snowboard before, how would you describereasons to start?
I won’t describe anything, I’ll just  help him with stuff )

-Sometime snowboarders write books, film videos, open restaurants, do you have in plans to start your own side project?
I didn’t think about it, now i just want to ride.

- What are you doing during summer time?
This summer we are traveling in Europe, we visited summer camp in les2alpes. It was great time!

-What kind of equipment do you use?
boards, boots, softgoods – DC , bindings – Union , goggles – Dragon

- What are you favourite spots for boarding?
I prefer big air, than it is biger  than better. I love feeling of weightlessness :)

- For many non-professionals snow boarding seems to be just a form of entertainment, for you it is a profession, is it possible to earn money with it? Is it easy for you to communicate with sponsors?
I wouldn’t tell that I earn for life with snowboarding … … so.. it’s just easy bonus…

- What’s the difference of TTR contest from others competitions for you?
It’s doesn’t matter TTR ,  or not TTR……this is a contest.

-What movies inspire you?
“Рекламная пауза” и “all inclusive” .

- What is your favourite music to board to?
Definitely hip hop!!

- What web-media about snowboarding you could recommend? No sponsors, no money- all wold in pocket))

- How do your nearest (parents, girlfriend) accept your serious hobby?
They worry about me but always  support me. I often show them photos and video with me)

- Whose opinion is important to you?
First of all its my parents- mother and father!

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Interview with Bodin

Unique snowmobiles show – Red Bull Snowmobile Show will take place on Quiksilver New Star Invitational! Riders will show the most difficult tricks. Double gold medallist X Games – Daniel Bodin promises to show everything, on what he’s capable.

FSX-show на Quiksilver New Star Invitational from Quiksilver Russia on Vimeo.

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Kopchik in Quiksilver Sheregesh Park

Quiksilver New Star invintation expects 24 riders – the best invited riders from Russia and Europe.
Here one of applicants for a prize money – Dmitry Koltsov aka Kopchik, which was actively training in Quiksilver Sheregesh Park.

Кольцов Дима in QUIKSILVER SHEREGESH PARK from Quiksilver Russia on Vimeo.

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We start to make it!

Slope style course on Quiksilver NewStar invitational. The course will be located on slope №5.
We start to make it!